Babylon  Nails  and Spa
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Classic Manicure                $15.00

 Hands are placed in warm mittens to
soften cuticles and are trimmed if
An exfoliating scrub and
massage complete this classic manicure.


Paraffin Manicure              $20.00

Enhance your classic manicure with a
warm paraffin dip that nourishes your
hand and moisturizes dry skin.


Deluxe Manicure                $25.00

Nails are shaped and trimmed. An
exfoliating sea salt scrub and nourishing
marine masque is applied to your hands
and then placed in a warm towel, feeling
both tingly and soft.

Classic Pedicure                 $30.00

Relax while your feet are soaked, 
followed by a shaping, trimming,
moisturizing, exfoliating, and
polishing to keep your tootsies
looking their best.
(25 min.)

Callus Pedicure                 $35.00

Along with your classic pedicure, feet are dipped by a callus remove for extra deep penetrating technique to soften over dry cracked heels. (30 mins.)


Paraffin Pedicure              $40.00

Along with your classic pedicure,
feet are dipped in warm paraffin that
nourishes your feet and moisturizes
dry skin.  (35 min.)


Deluxe Pedicure                $45.00

In addition to the classic pedicure, a
hydrating sea salt scrub and callus
nourishing marine masque applied to
your lower legs and feet, and then
placed into a warm towel (45 min.)

BCL Spa Organic             $50.00
 (living Organism)

Plus classic pedicure. A hydrating sugar scrub and callus, mask to restore and nourishes the skin with hot towels, then massage cream that heals, reconditions and regenerate the Skin.


    Classic Manicure  
    Pedicure                       $42.00

    Paraffin Manicure   
    Pedicure                       $5

    Deluxe Manicure 
    Pedicure                       $65.00